Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Trek

Captain Wonderful got me to the hospital on the Friday - a masterly feat of organisation.  We called in on Audrey on the way and picked up the magazines she has kindly saved for me.  It was a long long wait for the Top Guy, but we did get to see him.  I carried a pile of cushions around to make the chairs high enough for me.

My blood tests show that I now need a whole new - and (here is the rub) expensive - level of medication.  And the thorough examination of my joints proved the same.  It went something like this :

TG:  "Does that hurt?"
Me:  "Yes"
TG:  "Does that hurt?"
Me:  "YES"
TG   "Does that hurt?  Just scrape the patient off the ceiling will you nurse."

He is very competent, with a very kind nurse, so I feel that I can trust the diagnosis.

Kindness is so important when you are in pain, so thank you to all at Worthing Rheumatology.

However, while the government can afford billions to Shock and Awe, destroy and rebuild, various countries that have never done any harm to us that I know of, they can't afford this medicine for me unless I come back in a month's time, redo the tests, and get the same results.

Anyway, I am on steroids for the moment to try to make my life a bit easier.

They worked wonderfully well yesterday afternoon, but I have regressed overnight.  Just taken my second dose and am hoping for another comparatively pain free afternoon.   And I go back in a month, hoping to pass the medication test.

Some people worry about what they will do with themselves in retirement.  To which, at the moment, I can say, don't worry as medical matters will take up most of your time and energy.  But its frustrating when you have lots of things you want to do.

However, I mustn't whinge too much as I can still type - so I can witness - and write - and do my studying.

And above all Jehovah sent his witnesses to my door to teach me the truth - Christianity being called "the way of the truth" - and I can hope for perfect health in the restored earthly Paradise.

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