Monday, 16 January 2012

Sherlock - spoiler if you haven't seen it.

Watched the last of the current Sherlock episodes. Did any one else?   Wasn't going to, as the first ten minutes of the first one annoyed me so much that, disappointed, I stopped watching. But I am very glad I saw last night's episode.  Wow!  Great!  Hope there will be another series.   John Watson's military heel click as he turned away from Sherlock's grave in that wonderful churchyard still gets me all teary eyed.

And Sherlock standing right on that edge.  With Jim Moriarty right behind him.  Although of course I should have known Jim was too posh to push.

Still frozen up, but get slightly better towards the evening - better every day - but so far a night of pain always follows with me barely able to walk by the morning.  Its one tottery step forward to several steps back.  Audrey, Maggie and Frances rang me. And Danny. And poor Captain Headcold was at home all day looking after me.

Started on the figures for the tax returns - and also am progressing the Poetry Book.  Ken sent an amazing poem about a hospital experience, and Dan and I decided we would put his Granddad's poem if everyone else OKs it.

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