Tuesday, 28 July 2009

a medical bulletin

Ill health having disrupted my Brighton plans - I only got to Friday - I hope to get to the Twickenham Convention this weekend.

It is the best ever. I have the new releases - two new publications and a DVD, which the Captain has said he will watch with me. I see he has a picture of Joanna Lumley on his blog and has been gazing at it for most of the day, so I will somehow have to persuade him to tear his eyes away from her.

Had a lovely time out on the doors with Audrey this morning. We both managed two return visits and had a long conversation with Tony, who took a Divine Name brochure and seemed quite keen to read it. I had got it for the Irish lady who I haven't managed to find at home again, but have decided to offer her the 'What Does the Bible Really Teach?" instead, drawing her attention specifically to the chapter: "What is the truth about God?" which includes the question: "Does God have a name?"

IF I can find her at home. Audrey and I are hoping to get out in the afternoon next week, specifically to try to find her.

And i must remind myself to get some treats for the little puppy of the Latvian girl we met.

We are off to East Sussex tomorrow to spend the day with Bea and David. Raymond has postponed his visit till next week - he is still very busy trying to sort the house out for rental.

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