Wednesday, 22 July 2009

From Corot to Monet

Last night at Jacks - I am on the 3 day detox I do before the Brighton Convention so couldn't eat any of the food or drink any of the wine. Have had a pounding headache off and on all day which hopefully means that it is working.
We went to the Corot to Monet Exhibition (see Captain Butterfly's blog). It was good.
Lots going on outside the National Gallery.
The new 'sculpture' - people standing on a podium - was in place. We saw a man playing a guitar and a lady having her lunch. Health and safety had imposed a big net round it which made it look rather unplinth like. They had also placed a hideous notice in the fountain - something about water possibly being dangerous. The glory is being taken out of everything.
I am going from thinking that George Orwell wouldn't be at all surprised if he came back now, to thinking that he would be saying that he hadn't realised the half of it!
When he does wake up from the sleep of death though, he will find himself in the restored earthly Paradise, not in the present system of things.
There was a guy with a megaphone telling all us crowds that we are living in the matrix and spelling out simply and clearly (and with a great deal of humour) how we are losing our liberties.
The police moved in on him quickly.
I very much wanted to have a word with him, but Col wouldn't let me - I suppose on the grounds that I might have got tasered or something, although things seemed calm enough.
Much of what he was saying was right, but its no use just saying it. You need to explain to people why, and tell them what God is going to do about it, and what He requires of us in the meantime.
And one thing Jehovah does require is that we obey the political and civil authorities. Although this has to be a relative obedience in that when their laws conflict with God's, God's law must come first.

Linda emailed and Dorothy rang from New Zealand.

The Thai branch of the family may be visiting next week, we are just waiting to hear from him.

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