Saturday, 4 July 2009

another coffee morning, garden sculpture and the end of the world

Another sunny day here - loads of people still on the beach and the green outside.

Drove up to Esther's for the field service this morning. Another first, I haven't driven there before. Jean bravely volunteered to work with me and off we went. Parked on the territory no problem.

We are distributing invitations to the July Convention in Brighton, the theme of which is: "HOW CAN YOU SURVIVE THE END OF THE WORLD?" They are being held worldwide.

We met up with a lady who is too sick to leave home but who would like us to call back and talk to her about the subject of the Convention.

And we ended up having tea (Earl Grey at that!) in a beautiful garden, admiring the garden sculptures of the art teacher who lived there.

We also called on a lovely Italian couple who sell organic fruit and vegetables from his allotment. Jean bought gooseberries, beetroot and chard, and I bought potatoes and courgettes, which will become a veggie stew tomorrow. Daphne and her partner who were working alongside us also stocked up.

They accepted an invitation from us.

The Captain and I will probably go there again. He had a lovely day out, butterflying - see his blog.

We have a quiet night in ahead of us which is wonderful, and I now need to go and make his packed lunch for tomorrow.

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