Thursday, 2 July 2009

the migratory paths

Roger takes flight today, but his pattern of migration has changed and he is heading back to the North Americas. He won't make landfall in Africa until much later in the year.

We went to Petworth House yesterday - it was roasting hot so we only saw a little of the grounds, but had lunch there, went on a talk/tour of the Counting House - amazing and very well ordered. It is all in the process of being restored. Immense amounts of cash came in on the Quarter Days when all the tenant farmers came to pay their rent, and the amount of safety precautions suggest that the Earl did not trust them one bit.

We have not been able to trust each other since that moment in Eden when Adam and Eve made their fatal decision to cut themselves (and us, their future children) off from their Creator, their source of life.

Hopefully Roger will be back in the Autumn migration.

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