Monday, 3 August 2009

Twickenham Convention

Back to Twickenham, first time in some years, for the Convention Sunday. The Captain very kindly drove me up and then went off butterflying. I blundered about in the enormous stadium, first getting myself into the Spanish language speaking group, then managed to get myself into the English language section and actually found a seat at the end of a row. I wanted to be be able to leave quickly at the end so that the Captain, who would be waiting for me outside, would not get held up by all the convention traffic. It worked out well too as I had a large witness family on the other side of me and had to keep getting up and down to let the kids come and go from the loo. So that was good for me, given my lung problem.

We had one of the Governing body, brother Barr, doing one of the talks! He is very old now, but bursting with enthusiasm. They are very much emphasing how suddenly the 'great tribulation' will begin - that the attack on the world's religions will come very very quickly when it comes.

They also reminded us that once Jehovah closed the door of the Ark, there was no longer any opportunity for people outside to be saved from the Deluge. It was Jehovah alone who decided when that moment had come.

"On this very day Noah went in, and Shem and Ham and Japheth, Noah's sons, and the wife of Noah and the three wives of his sons with him, into the ark; they and every wild beast according to its kind, and every domestic animal according to its kind... After that Jehovah shut the door behind him." - Genesis 7:13-16

Jehovah shut the door.

So we should have a renewed sense of the urgency of the preaching work. And in harmony with that Audrey and i hope to get out on the doors on Wednesday as well as Tuesday.

It was lovely to get back to Sussex at the end of the day. We love living here, by the sea. And we stopped at Osca's for fish and chips. I went to bed before 10, went straight to sleep and slept right through. Hoping for a quiet recovering day today.

The Thai branch of the family should arrive tomorrow for a visit, IF the work he is having done on his house has gone to plan.

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