Saturday, 18 July 2009

The Canadian Branch

Our visitors from the Canadian branch of the family have been and gone. We said goodbye at the roundabout, as they set off for Oxford and we set off for London and a lunch at a tapas bar with Pen.

We hope they will come again - and maybe we will even get over to Calgary to see them - although not unless my health improves.

Had a good morning out on the door to door preaching work with Jean. We are still distributing invitations to the Convention in Brighton next month. I can't say that we met with any marked enthusiasm. But one of my return visits did accept an Awake magazine along with his invitation and hopefully may accept another one next month. it is the magazine with a helpful and comforting article about Depression, which seems to be an increasing problem.

Jean did have an interesting chat - through the intercom thingy in a block of flats! - with a Catholic lady. She ended up taking an invite and saying she might come.

Its very difficult to work these flats with intercom doors. But it must be done.

Had a brief chat with Malcolm and Jackie about the blood issue of all things! And, happily, they appreciate the Witness refusal of blood transfusions as to them it makes medical sense.

Our refusal is not on medical grounds of course, but simply because Jehovah has forbidden the eating of blood, and has clearly set out in His word how it must be used.

Pen may have found a publisher for her thriller!

Does that make her Pen the Pen?

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