Friday, 10 July 2009

a busy day - and the creation speaks of its Grand Creator

A busy day yesterday. We all went to Cissbury Ring with the Captain, following the butterfly herds. It turned out to be a perfect butterfly morning, sunny, vast flocks of wild flowers, and the air thick with butterflies.

When I see all these miracles of artistry and engineering flying round me, I wonder how I ever believed in evolution. But I suppose we are so brainwashed by the idea that evolution has been 'proved' by minds far far superior to our own that we ignore what the creation is so clearly saying to us.

It does get through though. It was the beauty of a late Autumn afternoon in Sheffield that finally set me on the search for the Creator of it all so that I could thank Him.

There were horned cattle on the hillside, which reminded me rather disturbingly of the Saki story 'The music on the hill'. (And also reminded me that Paradise is not restored yet - the 'original serpent' is still in the garden.)

Lunched at home on tinned soup courtesy of Liddls - shopped in the afternoon and also visited East Beach.

Bea came with me to the Kingdom Hall! It was nice to have someone to go with.

Maggie saved us a couple of seats. The new Thursday night meeting arrangements work so well. The time flies by.

Bea may leave tomorrow or Monday.

We are all going to a concert in Chichester tonight, and Jackie is coming round here first for a supper. Which will be pates from Bairds, some cheese, hot bread, salad and stuffed eggs. And nibbles.

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