Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Driving lessons

Bea left on Saturday and we have been getting ready for the Canadian branch of the family who arrive tomorrow. We miss Bea, but talk every day, by net and phone.

Went out on the field service this morning - picked up Audrey - and did return visits, as we are still on the East Preston maps which mean too much walking for her.

We didn't find anybody in, but we did leave some invitations for the Brighton Convention. We left one with a husband, who looked a bit dubious, but hopefully will give it to her.

I phoned Maggie when I got back and she told me that she and Jean had the most wonderful morning. They are both suffering at the moment, Maggie from the loss of Don, her husband for 60 years, and Jean because her best friend in the congregation died very suddenly a few days ago. They said this morning was like a present from Jehovah and they came back floating on air.

They met a young Swiss girl who is really interested - talked for half an hour - and are to return next week. She is in the process of moving to the next town along the coast and wants a contact for the Witnesses there.

My own morning wasn't quite like that, as I was feeling very sick for some reason, and we had a lot of complicated driving to do - a lot of backing and filling and some difficult turns. However, I did pray to Jehovah as always, and we got through them safely, so I am deeply grateful for that. And we can only hope that something was achieved by our work this morning.

If it was only to improve my driving that is something, in that the more I can drive, the more use I shall be in the congregation.

The Captain and I are just off to shop for the visitors. I think chicken and ham salad will be the staple foods of the visit.

Dawn has invited me for coffee tomorrow morning and Frances is picking me up as I don't know where she and Richard live. It will be lovely to spend an hour with my brothers and sisters. The cousins don't arrive till the afternoon so it all fits in well, provided we get everything sorted today.

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