Monday, 10 April 2017

While the Butterfly is away, the mice will play

Well, I have planned some Wild Swapping Parties since Captain Butterfly escaped on his hols.  Last night we all threw our medications, zimmers, hearing aids, and what have you into the ring and pulled one out at random. Then, with our new partners, we swapped details of our arthritis medications and told each other what the doctor said to us when we had our tubes tilted* - and all washed down with tankards of cocoa.

Sizzling stuff.  We like our cocoa nice and hot these days.

At least that is probably what would have happened last night if I hadn't dozed off halfway through a cup of tea and Gardeners Question Time, and had forgotten to arrange it anyway.

Hopefully a quiet day today, beyond studies and housework, as it will be busy busy busy tomorrow if all goes to plan.   I will pick up Jean in the morning, go to the Hall for the Field Service - I have 2 invitations left and would like to deliver them.   Then take Jean back, have lunch, go to the Hall for cleaning, IF I can get myself together.  I usually do, unless I am having one of my hospital/post-op does, but feel so tired these days, there are no guarantees.   And I must, please God, get to the Hall for the Memorial tomorrow night. Jacks is coming with me, if she is OK.  She too is uncertain healthwise these days.

Must just throw in the important and earth shaking news that I spent the morning making a big fruitcake, for the Col and Mark lunches - and the afternoon doing the Butterfly Memberships which flew through the letterbox during the morning.

Talked to Jacks and Terry, and to a happy Captain B who has seen more snakes and a Grecian Copper and a Southern Festoon.

*Thanks to the wonderful and much missed Victoria Wood for the"tilted tubes".

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