Thursday, 13 April 2017

Early Morning

Its early morning here - 6.30 - and the sun is getting his hat on.   I feel very tired and may go back to bed...   missed Captain Butterfly's Corfu call. Don't know how. Tried to skype him back, but couldn't. Did leave a message though.

I find that the older I get the more anxious I get about separation. The Captain and I have been together since we were students in Newcastle, many eons ago.  And so I will be glad when he gets back here safely.

He is a having a wonderful time though. And it seems the sun's hat is well and truly on now and we are shaping up for a hot one.   Am I the only person in the world who does not want blazing sunshine every day and likes weather?  It does sometimes seem so.

However, I ought to get out on the balcony and get a dose of Vitamin D the way Jehovah planned it.  Or as near as we can get in a fallen and disordered world.

But the Memorial went so well - beautifully organised, with a clear explanation of why the ransom sacrifice is vital, and why millions the world over were gathering in gratitude and respect.

Jackie came with me, and also one of my sisters who needed a lift.  She is young (compared to us) and was wearing the most elegant stiletto heels, which caused Jacks and me, plodding along in our sensible comfy shoes, to reminisce about our shoe-wearing past.

They came back for tea and biscuits afterwards.  And Captain B turned up on Skype to join us!  A lovely evening.

No girly tea for the Captain though, he was brandishing a tankard of Corfu Beer.

I am so thankful to Jehovah for bringing the truth to my door and giving me a life full of hope and meaning.   And I am very grateful for this lovely morning. Its now 10.00 and  I was out on the balcony getting a small dose of sun, and I wish I could find words to describe how lovely it all looked.  The sun was coming through clouds, so the sky was mostly overcast, but it was blue, not grey, so that sky and Channel merged, and the little boat heading for the river seemed to be floating through the sky.

I was thinking about the Thousand Years, during which Paradise will be restored.   We  were talking about it on our visit to Maggie yesterday.  We think it will go really quickly, as we will all be busy with such wonderful things. And what then?   Then I guess we can say that our real lives begin - we will have "the glorious freedom of the children of God".

I hope we will all be there.  There will be new things then, wonderful things. Things we can't even imagine now.

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