Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Butterfly Debates

Holly Blue, Celastrina argiolus
There is a lot of debate on fb (by the inhabitants of Planet Butterfly Conservation) re the exact identity of some of the butterflies they saw on their Corfu trip.  Its quite a complex business.

I have a couple of useful catch-all titles for any pretty flying thing I can't identify.

a)  A Duke of Fritillary (if its multi-coloured)
b)  A Cabbage White/Blue/Yellow/Purple* (if it isn't).
(*strike out colours which do not apply.)

So, wisely, I have stayed out of the debate.

Yesterday we had an interesting, if a bit of a confusing morning, on the Field Service.   I ended up with Jen at the house of a Minister who had come to the Memorial this year.  And Jean was off somewhere else. It was quite a lot of complex driving - for me.

Jean and I hope to get back together again today to visit Maggie.  And tomorrow Captain Butterfly, Jacks and me hope to do our annual Bluebell Walk in the morning, then I shall be out with one of the young Pioneers in the afternoon, and it will be the meeting in the evening.

A busy day, so I hope to finish my studying for Thursday night today.

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