Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day - on the radio yesterday morning - had a moving and powerful item about the persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia.  They pointed out how persecuted our Russian brothers and sisters already are, and noted that it is now being taken to a new level,  The programme even went on to make a comparison with Hitler's Germany, when our German brothers and sisters were severely persecuted for their refusal, as Christians, to join Hitler's Nazi party, his army, or even to Heil him.

The Speaker also pointed out that we are not extremists in the usual sense of the word - we do not go around killing or hurting people. We simply believe that the Bible is God's word and try to tell all who will listen to us what it actually says.   That is considered extreme nowadays, I guess. But no-one has to listen to us if they don't want to. And we take no part in politics or the military, so we can never force our beliefs on anyone.

Why would we want to anyway.  Jehovah could force everyone in an instant, if he wanted to. But he wants us to turn back to him out of love for him, for his law and for his creation.

The Watchtower Society will do all it can to help the Russian brothers through whatever legal processes there are, but above all we must trust in Jehovah with all our hearts.   He has told us that he can and will keep hold of us through whatever comes.

Jean and I managed to meet up on time on Saturday and work out a viable route, and got a lot of our calls done. With no getting lost and no misunderstandings...

Ir was supper with Jacks on Saturday night: Beef Stroganoff with rice and veggies, a cheese platter and a choc ice.   It was a happy evening, as it always is.

Its quite cold, but sunny.  Lovely walking weather, if only I could walk.

We had our upbuilding Sunday meeting  and afterwards I did a couple of magazine route calls and did the shopping.   And I did a load of washing and got supper ready for the Captain's return.  But that was about it.

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