Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Pallant Gallery

We - the Captain, Jackie and Mrs Captain Butterfly - went to the Pallant Gallery today to see an Exhibition called:  "The Mythic Method : Classicism in British Art 1920-1950.


It was much more fun than it sounds, and included a portrait of Wallis Simpson - along with photos of various "society beauties" posing as various things.  (Get those women a life!).

And, greatly to our surprise, when we went for our lunch we found the restaurant had been completely re-vamped.   It is a lovely space anyway, but now its even lovelier, with a kind of 50s themes brought right into 2017.

And of course the menu has changed too.

Jackie had calves liver, sweet potato croquettes and greens; Col had a Platter with everything on it; and  had the Catch of the Day, which was smoked haddock.  We followed up with coffee panacotta (us ladies) and sticky toffee pudding (Captain B).

Oh, and a glass of our favourite NZ wine each.

It was all so good.   We hope to go again in the Spring with Bea.

The only disappointment was that Una Stubbs wasn't there this time. But I suppose we can't really expect it.

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