Monday, 23 January 2017

Garden Beasts and Collapsed Cars

We - The Captain, Terry and me - went to Hassocks Friday night for a talk on Garden Mammals, given by Dr.Dawn Scott of Brighton University.  Butterfly Mark joined us there.

She is such an enthusiast for her subject.  You may well have seen her on various Watches, Spring and Otherwise. Remember the Brighton foxes for example?

Then the 4 of us went to a talk on the insects of  Binsted on Saturday afternoon, by a Mike Edwards, an entymologist - another real enthusiast.  Insects are a marvelous creation - living clockwork toys - but everything is disordered at the moment, so I find them a bit unsettling.

That was after a dramatic morning during which I Drove to Angmering (with Jean beside me) and we wove all over the place doing our calls. Had some good calls too. But - on the way back - the car gave out on us.  We did manage to stagger it back home, and,thank God, Col was there to run Jean back. He thinks it is the clutch... and I am in disgrace as apparently I am very hard on the clutch when I drive.  It goes to the garage today - when and if the freezing fog clears - Green and Channel are invisible at the moment in a lovely, if cold, screen of mist.

Jackie treated us to supper on Saturday night, which cheered us up after the car problem - which is going to cost.   We had roast veggie lasagne from Cooks, with hot French bread - followed by apple pie and ice cream.   Excellent.

Facebook is full of rage about Donald Trump and his inauguration.  How divisive politics are - they seem to cause brother to hate brother, sister to despise sister.  How wise Jehovah is to teach his people to stay out of it.

And I hope President Trump/s family will be able to cope with all the hatred and scorn directed at him. It can't be fun to have such things said about your husband and father

The point is that Jehovah's wonderful purpose towards the earth goes on regardless of who gets elected - and he asks us to respect the earthly powers for as long as he himself tolerates them.  We have to have some kind of order on the earth while we wait for the perfect rulership of God's Kingdom - which is not far off!    

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