Tuesday, 10 January 2017

First Field Service of 2017

Misty, rainy morning Saturday. Wanted to stay in bed. But, thank goodness, had arranged to pick up Jean.  So did.  She very tired too, but had arranged to meet me, so did. We keep each other going.  Field service group and then off to West Beach.

That could be the follow up to my sizzling memoir "I Drove to Angmering (by myself)" - "I Drove to Angmering II (the fearsome journey to West Beach)".

Anyway, thanks I am sure to all the praying to Jehovah for help, we got there and back safely.  It was 10 minutes of terror.  Finished our little bit of "no steps" territory, and then did some return visits/magazine route calls.  We each got a warm welcome at a door, which is always encouraging.

To Jackie's for supper - one of her roasts  chicken with all the trimmings. And lots of laughing about the plight we are all in (old age).   What a good friend she is.

To the meeting Sunday.   There is no teaching like this is the world, and it is being taught worldwide.

This morning - if the rain holds off - I am out with Jean again.

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