Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Surviving the Savage Sea

My book order has arrived and I have been re-reading "Survive the Savage Sea" by Dougal Robertson and "Albatross" by Deborah Scaling Kiley.     Don't read them if you are just about to set off to sea. Aarrgghh.    Of the five crew aboard "Trashman" only two survived their 5 days shipwrecked  The Robertson family - all five of them, plus their young travelling companion, survived 38 days adrift, thanks to some amazing route finding by Dougal Robertson. But at a cost.  The marriage did not survive.

The Dougal Robertson book throws an interesting and sad light on just how tough the life of a small farmer can be too.

Apparently one of the sons has written his account - "The :Last Voyage of the Lucette" (by Douglas Robertson).  I think that will be on my next book order.

The team of Jean and Sue zimmered off on the doors yesterday hurtling round the streets at a very slow hurtle.  We did return visits and magazine route calls.  And one call was so so sad.  The lady I called on died at Christmas...  her husband was unable to speak to us, just sobbed at the door.  He is devastated.

If we did live in the Darwinian world the powers that be want to think we do, then why does death seem so terrible to us?

Jesus cried over the death of Lazarus and the pain it brought his family, even though he knew he could resurrect him there and then.   According to Genesis, we were never meant to die.  And surely we feel the wrongness of death, of losing the ones we love, to this day?

I have a difficult letter to do now. But it must be done.

We plan to go out again this afternoon.  We usually visit Maggie, but the nursing home is still closed to visitors because of sickness.

Following an interesting talk on Owls at the Wetland Centre on Monday night, the Captain and Terry have been on Owl Safari, no photos so far.   No owls.

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