Saturday, 14 January 2017

The Mink

American Mink, Neovison vison
Captain Butterfly has been getting some amazing shots at the Wetland Trust this month, including a mink eating an eel.

How lovely the mink's fur is - which is its misfortune, poor creature. And its beautiful blue eyes...   its all so sad, as I guess they will have to dispose of it.

Of course that will be a relief for eels and all the small things are the mink's prey.  It is so difficult now that nature is "red in tooth and claw with ravine".    How much we - all the earthly creation - need the rescue we pray for when we say the Lord's prayer.

We got our first flurry of snow on Thursday night, quickly turning into slush and then back into rain, and nothing so far this morning.  But we had to cancel our afternoon field service (I often go out with one of the young pioneer sisters on Thursdays)as it was monsooning it down -  and I didn't go to the meeting, for fear of it having iced up by the time I had to walk to the car.

I am now terrified of falling...   that fall last Winter has crippled my left arm, so I worry what the next fall will do.

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