Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Berlin Wall between Cat and Dog

The wall was up again at the bungalow - but a bit different from before, and we had to get used to the new rules, times, and the complicated gate with catflap.

Doris was described by the Shelter as "a dog who will not chase cats".  A sentence accurate in every way if only they had left the word "not" out.

Captain Butterfly and Mrs Captain (myself) arrived back on the South Coast yesterday afternoon.  It took us 5 hours, door to door. So a good journey.  No hold ups, apart from one very brief and unusual one.  There was a sign "SLOW- ANIMALS ON ROAD".    ??   Then Captain B saw a swan, with the RSPCA van there. So we hope for the best for it.

We took our usual sandwiches and flask of tea.

Its strange to be home again after 10 days away, though I am enjoying the comforts  The arthritis and the mechanical bits inside me make it hard to cope with other peoples' houses.    And I don't think I have ever felt so tired.  Even the human dynamo that is the Captain is tired.

I have had a terrible fail in shopping and there was no bread in the freezer when we got back. So we had defrosted veggie soup last night  - and I had to quickly make some rather stodgy dumplings to go with it. And, as neither of us has been able to get ourselves together and shop yet, we will be having the remains of the soup for lunch, and I am making some chapattis to go with it.

The third load of washing has just been done.

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