Friday, 6 January 2017

The Captain Becomes Thoughtful

We were driving back from our visit to my bro in law and family in York last Thursday
when I noticed that Captain Butterfly had a very thoughtful profile.  Was he thinking over the question of: Life, the Universe and Everything?  Or maybe even considering buying another camera? That one requires an immense amount of concentrated research.

Suddenly, the profile spoke.

"Jen's crumble was really good. Just the right amount of tartness."

I had to agree it was.   She served it as dessert on Wednesday. And with the right accompaniment - custard.  It was a mixed fruit crumble - possibly from fruit she had foraged herself. I must remember to ask.

The Captain has standards for his favourite dessert. And so far the Fat Cat Apple Crumble and My Own Version of Same have vied for top place. But we may just have been overtaken.

That was a momentous Wednesday.

The Poor Captain is down with a bad cold and not at all the usual dynamo.  And I am not too wonderful myself, my poor battered immune system still can't get rid of old cold, or exactly fight off new Sheffield cold...

But I got to the meeting last night. Driving was awful - windshield freezing as I drove.  But I am so glad i went and reconnected with the most perfect teaching that there is in the world.

I hope to get back out in the field on Saturday, but not if the ground is icy. I cannot afford another fall.

We came back to some very good news.  Linda and John are engaged- and we are going to plan a champagne supper to celebrate!  Some good news to tell Jacks on Saturday.

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