Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Butterfly Wall

We went for a walk in the early morning sunshine before Captain B tunnelled off to his earthwormery. And we found that the farm has a lovely bee and butterfly hedge of ivy.  It is abuzz with creatures

I saw the Beast again!!   It was being helped up a ramp into the back of a landroverish sort of vehicle by its kind person.    So it may just be an elderly arthritic labrador rather than the Hound of the Bittiscombes. And clearly there is no point in Captain B rushing off to buy the Tea Shop and Tea Towel concessions.

I do feel for the poor Beast, suffering from arthritis as I do myself.  I creak round this lovely cottage and garden, unable to tackle the steps to go back and see what is happening at the Butterfly wall and beyond, until the Gallant Captain appears to help me.

We are having a chicken pie from the tiny village shop tonight.  Not a farm shop sadly. With potatoes and carrots. And yoghurt/fruit/gingerbiscuits in any combination for afters.

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