Sunday, 4 September 2016

No Cake and No Snake

It rained all day Friday - much needed rain - and it rained again yesterday evening.  Our Green is looking quite green again, and there is a lovely numinous light this morning, as the sun shines through the damp air.  The balcony geraniums are glowing.

Jacks came for supper last night. Roger makes her laugh so much she could hardly eat.   He treated us to a Cook's Moussaka, followed by a selection of Cook's desserts. All of them excellent. I provided the salad and the dressing.  We had a great evening, but I noticed we were all exhausted by 10.  Poor old things that we are.

Mind you Roger had been travelling. He arrived back from his daughter's late afternoon, laden with Cook's loot. and Col left early to meet Mark for the Snake and Lizard walk. They didn't find any snakes, but did find some lizards. And at least they know exactly where to look for the elusive snakes when they go out again.   And I forgot to put in a cake for Mark!  He always has a marmalade muffin if there are some going.

And I was off early Saturday morning too, picking up Jean. The Field Service Groups was at the Hall yesterday.  We did over an hour- there were 4 couples and a flurry of little ones.

Today was the meeting at the Hall. They are really preparing us for what is to come.  Roger and I lunched off cheese sandwiches- the Captain, off Treasure Hunting, had taken his with him - and watched a Brittass - and the soup is already to go for tonight - to be be followed by banana custard.

Captain B is just back with some good coins, which will appear on his blog in due time.

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