Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Meeting a Real Legend

We were on the local beach on Monday and saw a couple of girls with baskets gathering seaweed and various things from the sea-shore.  That is just the sort of thing ffyona Campbell would be doing, i thought idly.

"What a graceful girl the tall one with the long hair is", I thought enviously. I am the exact opposite of graceful and the arthritic limbs have not improved the situation.  In fact, as the Captain has pointed out, I can make a bull in a china shop look quite dainty.

My thoughts continued (both brain cells at full stretch)   "She is as graceful as ffyona is in all her pictures". So, as we drew close. and  Col stopped to ask them what they were gleaning,  I blurted out "Are you ffyona Campbell?"

She was.  And we had a long talk.  Especially Captain Butterfly.

A wonderful encounter.

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