Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Arctic in Arundel

Jacks invited us round for supper on Saturday. Hurray!   A lovely evening, as always.  We had Moroccan chicken, new potatoes and broccoli, followed by creme caramel.

Then suddenly Summer vanished and the Wetland Trust began its season of monthly talks.  So the Arundel Four: the Captain, Jacks, Terry and me went to the talk at the Centre on Monday night.

The speaker was Ian Rumley Dawson on "Arctic Svalbard".   A fascinating part of the world, and a part he clearly knows well. It ended with two amazing close up shots of polar bears - or maritime bears as they are apparently sometimes called.  So powerful - and you can see the intelligence in their faces.

The Captain and I had plans once to go to the Arctic on one of the Russian cruise ships, and see the polar bears.  But I can't go now.  I am so shaky on my feet, and IF I should fall and do myself some damage, it would be a nightmare for all concerned trying to get me to hospital.  Perhaps they would just leave me out on the ice for the bears?

So the talk at Arundel is about as near as I am going to get.

Today I picked up Jean and we spent the afternoon with Maggie. She seems a lot brighter - I think because they have got her eating again.

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