Wednesday, 7 September 2016

A Hot and Humid Afternoon

Maggie was very taken with my fan this afternoon.  The Nursing Home was so hot and it was a boiling afternoon. She likes the heat, so is fine with it - was even lying under a blanket!  She seems much brighter at the moment - was expecting me - and is still keeping up her daily diary.

We talked about the past.  Her husband and the children. And of course the Kingdom Hall. She always says how much she loved being there and seeing everybody. She and Don were always there, faithfully, week after week.

We decided she has some lovely memories to sustain her.

The Roger is absent at the moment - we don't know yet if he is coming back tonight or tomorrow - or not at all if he has finally got his citizenship papers.  We expect a phone call tomorrow if he does not appear tonight.  

I have been washing and packing and sorting - all the tiring things you need to do before you go on holiday.

Its The Great British Bake-off tonight- hurray!  I plan to relax in front of that.

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