Friday, 29 April 2016

The Duchess of Fritillary

Red-barred Gold, Micropterix tunbergella
Still waiting for the Captain to discover a new butterfly/moth in Rewell Wood - one previously unknown to science.  I want it to be called the Sueknightilla, aka the Duchess of Fritillary, when found.  He has got some lovely pics already though, but of previously catalogued creatures.

Ron kindly picked me up last night and took me to the Kingdom Hall. Very kind of both him and his wife, as he has a full car, and it meant that she had to find a lift herself!   Jean, my helper, arrived too - she doesn't drive either. And we delivered our talk successfully enough.   I don't seem to get any the less nervous as the years go by, but Ron assured me no-one does. And of course our brothers have to give more and longer talks than us sisters.

But how well Jehovah trains us.  I remember my mother saying to my sisters years ago, in the kitchen at the bungalow, when I had started to go to the meetings:  "Sue must be serious about this. I never thought there was anything that would make her stand up and speak in public."!

Neither did I.  But it is amazing what Jehovah can do if you trust him.  Not that we did stand up - I whispered to the young brother who does the chairs and mics as Jean and I began our trek towards the platform "Can we be sitting down for this" - and he sprang up like a gazelle, and had table, chairs and mics re-arranged in a flash.  I suppose there was a time when I could move like that - in the dim and distant past - but anyway, I am very grateful to have young brothers who can help.

When I am assigned a first talk - a first call - I will be standing. But its only 2 minutes and much simpler, and hopefully I won't have to juggle more than Bible and magazine.  Though even that could make my appearance a bit like "Mr, Bean visits the Kingdom Hall".

Well, I will worry about that when it happens.

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