Thursday, 7 April 2016

Shouldering On

Shouldering on, though not being very brave about it.  I did no exercises at all yesterday, as it had got too painful.   I must trust my physio and get back to them. But, as the problem is a mechanical one, I don't see that all the exercise in the world will help.  Can't think what I have been doing beyond glooming about my medical problems.

I have got out "Disraeli Hall" and am trying to get the timeline right - my heroine is pregnant, has the baby and the baby is a few months old when it ends in the Spring - so I must make sure that the dates match.  There is a lot more work to do on it, though I have decided that I may not need to write the Mrs Danvers/balcony scene, just allude to it in a passing para.

But I feel despair when I look at what is published now. I was just reading a Guardian review of current novels - drug dealers, transgenderisation...   my heroine is probably that much despised creature Bobby's Girl.   I can't see its going to be publishable, unless my young publisher is dazzled by the fact that one character is kidnapped by aliens and returned to the streets of my Northern hometown with some genuine alien artefacts.  Though its of no importance to the plot whatsoever, which is basically Rebecca - the first and the second wife, the ambiguous husband, and the obsessed housekeeper.   And of course Manderley.   Hopefully all bought up to - well if not to date - to the second half of the Twentieth Century.

We shopped at Tesco's on Tuesday and I have kept the Captain fed, with soup, omelettes, and a large fresh fruit salad (made by him).   In theory The Roger is in-country and will ring this week, but who knows. We have invited Jackie over for supper on Saturday and I will have enough for 4 just in case.

I am up to date with my studying- and am locked in a discussion about Evolution/Creation on facebook.  And I have begun a project to start sorting through my paperwork, file by file. And then do it again. You always get rid of a lot more than you think you can if you do a second run. Only I am in the death zone now and if and when I do go - though I am hoping not to die at all - I don't want to leave an awful tangle behind.

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