Monday, 25 April 2016

A Chukka of Golf

I am really enjoying the "Keeping Up Appearances" repeats on the telly.   The other day in her current scheme for social advancement (doomed to fail, as always, but she carries on undaunted), Hyacinth, togged out in golfing colours, announced loftily to her neighbour that they were "off to play a chukka of golf".

Brilliant!   A great line, beautifully delivered.

I was talking about it with my sisters when we were out on the field service yesterday afternoon.  And how much I needed both meeting, field service and time with my siblings. The world - the system of things - is so horrible. So cruel.  I can only wonder what the world of Noah's day was like. Very very similar I guess.  But the rescue that is coming now will be a lasting one.

Satan will never ever rule the world again.

I hung on to every word of the Speakers talk on Sunday...   Jehovah's word is a lifeline - a beam of light in a darkening world.

In the meantime, half an hour of Hyacinth Bucket does cheer me up. And we also had a lovely evening with Jacks on Saturday night. She came round for supper - chicken kiev, courtesy of Waitrose, assorted veggies, fruit salad (made by the Captain's own fair hands) and ice-cream.   And then we had coffee, cheese and biscuits, and the choc mints we won at the Arundel raffle.

The Captain also discovered a certain shrinkage in the box of Turkish Delights we won last time. How could that have happened?   Have the mice been at them?  Its a puzzle worthy of the great Poirot himself - though unfortunately, the Captain seems to feel he has already solved it.

Oh dear.

And Jacks kindly drove me to the Kingdom Hall on the Sunday morning. I am still nowhere near being able to drive - and don't know if I will ever be...    arm very stiff, and sore.   I am keeping up with the physio, in the hopes that I can get enough of an improvement to at least drive to the Hall and the shops.  I would be grateful just for that.

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