Monday, 11 April 2016

Sunday with my Siblings

It was a beautiful spring day yesterday, with a cold wind. Perfect walking weather - so you had better ignore the next thousand self-pitying pages about how much I used to like walking, the pain in my shoulder, what the doctor said to me when I had my tubes tilted, etc etc.

Anyway, thanks to our Creator, the God of Abraham, I had lots of positive things to think about.  We had our special talk, a week late. Bob gave it beautifully.   One of the many things I have learned is that a good speaker is one who speaks from his heart and who prepares well.

Then I went out with 3 of my sisters on the field service. We worked not-at-homes for an hour and found quite a few at home, and then we did some return visits for half an hour.  Jen and I had a nice chat with Ursula who seemed both pleased and surprised to see me. She said she wondered if she would see me again. I said that I wondered too - would not have got there if Jenny had not chauffered me.  Its not even that far away, but I could no longer walk there and back.   It was a chance to thank her for the get well card too.   Jenny then drove me home. Where I didn't have to cook, only microwave the leftovers from last night's curry supper with Jackie.

I thought I wouldn't have to cook at all as the Captain had bought a steak from the Crossbush Farm Shop for his dinner - and he (rightly) does not trust me to cook steak.  I don't like it and think it should be cooked for hours to make it palatable.   I get the small small things ready - the onions and mushrooms and tomatoes, but he does the cheffy stuff.   However, he got back so late and so tired he couldn't face cooking.  Fortunately there was enough rice and curry left to make up another plateful.

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