Sunday, 6 March 2016


Got a lift to the Kingdom Hal this morning, but walked back.  Made it, with a sit down in the bus stop shelter en route. But its frightening how its exhausted me.  However, I must get walking again. We had a walk in Arundel on Thursday and Col got some lovely pics.
The talk this morning was so good that Jean is going to see if she can get a copy of it for Col to listen to.  If she can, we hope any pray he will.  It was all about the natural world - the beauty, wonder and complexity of the creation.

Maggie is back at the meetings!    She has been so ill I didn't know if we would see her there again, but she is back.

And Jacks is back too - and treated us to a Thai chicken curry last night, and a butterfly cake.  A lovely evening full of laughter, as it always is.

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