Saturday, 5 March 2016


Not here, but yesterday, in Bea's garden.  Oop North.   She sent us some photos of the garden disappearing under the snow.  It was sunny here - and is sunny this morning.

She also sent me a lovely watercolour rose, which arrived in the post today, to cheer me after my recent flare-up.

Back to the field for the first time since my accident. There was a big Field Service Meeting at the Kingdom Hall this morning, because of the Memorial invitation campaign.   Col drove me up there - and Jean and I got some territory close to the Hall and her bus stop and did as much as we could before Jean became too cold to go on.   I left her at the bus stop - the bus coming - and walked back. Col picked me up on the seafront.  That walk, which I used to do regularly, has completely exhausted me.

Which is depressing. But at least I got out.

Jacks is back from her hols - hurray - and we are going to her for supper tonight.  Its getting colder and colder as the day goes on.

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