Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Energy of Creation

The day started off sunny, if cold. And I saw the Captain off in his working gear, making sure he had his sandwiches with him.  My right arm is coming back on line, thank God.  It even moved enough for me to make the sandwiches.   I am still very restricted, but its definitely getting better.

I was worrying in the early hours, about my mother, and the way she lost her shoulders to arthritis, so I was up about 5 composing a letter to my Arthritis doctor as Col has a hospital visit of his own today, and can take it in.  Only I seem to be in the awkward position of needing - urgently needing - to exercise the left shoulder/arm regularly (or I wont get the movement back, it will set solid), but I have a strong feeling, remembering what happened to my mother, that I should be very careful to rest the arthritic right shoulder/arm.  Now I need the one to exercise the other to an extent...   its all getting to be a bit of a health nightmare.  But probably to be expected as I approach my three score years and ten.

Back to the weather:  suddenly about 11 a.m. the wind got up, the garden trees started to hurtle about and the rain started.  Then there were legions of white horses roaring across the Channel. What a wonderful wonderful world it is!    Full of change and energy and beauty - the Channel looks so lovely at the moment with all its white frills that it lifts my heart.

And now - lunchtime -  its sunny again.

This is a verse from Isaiah I put on facebook today, about the abundance of dynamic energy.

(Isaiah 40:26) “Lift up your eyes to heaven and see. Who has created these things? It is the One who brings out their army by number; He calls them all by name. Because of his vast dynamic energy and his awe-inspiring power, Not one of them is missing."

Jehovah's inspired word taught us that matter comes from energy long before science did, I guess. And I am loving the energy of the creation today, as I feel a little energy creeping back into me.

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