Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Memorial, after Sundown

Memorial Date
After Sundown
Wednesday, March 23

You have an anointing from the holy one.1 John 2:20.
Only those who have the witness of the spirit that they are God’s children should partake of the Memorial emblems. Those who have received “a spirit of adoption as sons” are God’s spirit-begotten children. His spirit bears witness with their spirit, giving them the realization that they are Jehovah’s anointed sons. (Rom. 8:16, 17) Today, there is only a remnant of the 144,000 footstep followers of Christ, who “have an anointing from the holy one,” Jehovah. It is by means of his spirit that they cry out,“Abba, Father!” (Rom. 8:15) What a blessed relationship they have with God! w151/15 2:16
Memorial Bible reading: (Daytime events: Nisan 13) Mark 14:12-16; Matthew 26:17-19 (Events after sunset: Nisan 14) Mark 14:17-72

The Jewish day began after sunset, so it isn't the day of the Passover until this evening.  I have never seen anyone take the bread and the wine, but they will be passed round so that everyone has an opportunity.  The hope for most Christians on the earth now is to "inherit the earth", as Jesus promised, and to live forever upon it.
I am glad its tonight, as I need some real hope.

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