Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Iron Age Mirrors

Avon  House
We went to the Museum this week, and they had a couple of iron age mirrors on display.  They were so elegant and beautiful - rather Art Nouveau - or, as I should say now, Art Nouveau is rather Iron Age.  Being of polished metal, they didn't give much in the way of a reflection - perfect for ladies at my time of life.  I want one!

The Captain took a photo of this house with its strangely placed door.
February 8 sunrise
Yesterday we had a walk on the beach - to the pier and back - quite cold.    And I got my magazine route started.  I packed up nearly half, with the Memorial invitation inside. We will  have room for one in our car, so I was able to extend the offer of a lift to one very nice guy on the route.   When he began to look at our website: he said to me that he felt he needed to start taking all this more seriously and was considering coming to meetings. So I hope he will.

There is so much I need to do, but I have so little energy.  And my shoulder is so painful.   Still I must always keep in mind that there is a wonderful hope ahead of us.  Health and energy such as we - the children of disobedient Adam - have not yet known.

And the beauty and artistry of the Iron Age mirrors were a good reminder that we are not evolving, but are falling from a perfect state, exactly as Genesis tells us.

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