Tuesday, 1 March 2016

A Severe Arthritis Flare-up

On Sunday, after the meeting at the Kingdom Hall - which was lovely (of course) - my right shoulder began to ache.  I quickly took a dose of my arthritis meds. But I no longer seem able to take them - they simply added a horrible sickness - I was literally sick at one point - to the increasing agony of the arthritic shoulder.

In a few hours, I was in such pain I did not know what to do with myself. I couldn't drink anything unless Col held the cup to my mouth.  it was awful.  A day of pain yesterday, with me lying awake in the early hours remembering how my mother lost both her shoulders to arthritis.

I felt a bit better this morning and slowly the right shoulder has come up to the level of competence of the wounded left one and is now starting to overtake it. Slowly.

My fellow sufferer Charles - an elder in the congregation - rang today and we had a long chat about all the horrors.   And Bea and Jackie rang, so i had losts of sympathy, along with wonderful help from Captain Butterfly, who managed to keep me laughing through all the pain and indignity.

He cancelled his work party on Monday seeing that I could not cope with anything.  But I must be well enough tomorrow as he has a work party plus a necessary hospital appointment that he has been waiting for for some rime.

Fatally damaged children of disobedient Adam...

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