Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Goldfinch, Carduelis carduelis
Captain Butterfly has taken a wonderful shot of a Goldfinch, and it reminded me of this little poem I have among my favorites.

Gerry Cambridge

That finch which sings above my head
last year's speckled egg, is now
a partner to some nest instead,
that finch which sings above my head,
buff-gold dandy masked with red,
and hen on eggs above some swaying bough
that finch which sings. Above my head
last year's speckled egg, is now.

Yesterday was very stormy, but with tender blue skies, full of clouds, and sometimes with ominous storm skies holding off in the distance.   And at one point there was a double rainbow over the Channel - see the Captain's log for a photo.

The Captain and I walked to the river and back in the morning, and I did my Watchtower study for the meeting tonight.  We are studying the shining faith of Abraham - his absolute faith in God's ability to resurrect the dead, for example.  

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