Friday, 10 April 2015


Its amazing what a difference half an hour makes.  I was working with Jenny this morning and we both had had a struggle to get to the group for 9, instead of 9.30 which would be our usual time for field service.   Well worth it of course, as our Circuit Overseer is giving us some lovely little 5 minute talks before we go out. We didn't complete our territory but we did get to a return visit Jenny has by the Station, found her householder at home; and the family may make their first visit to the Kingdom Hall on Sunday.

We hope so anyway.

Can't think what else I have done.  A couple of loads of washing - my study for Sunday - made a rather uninspired chicken curry for our supper - and an apple crumble.   Watched some daytime telly and that was about it.  Oh and did a bit of witnessing on the internet.

I am now re-reading Barbara Pym's "No Fond Return of Love".  I enjoy it more every time that I read it.

Here Dulcie dines with her Uncle Bertram and Aunt Hermione, who are waited on by a Mrs. Sedge.

"The meal was already on the table when they entered the room.  A dish of mince with tomato sauce spread over the top seemed to be the main dish; boiled potatoes and "greens" were on the trolley.  Mrs. Sedge, who had come to England years ago from Vienna, had apparently retained little knowledge of her country's cuisine, if she had ever possessed it; Dulcie was always surprised at the thoroughness with which she had acquired all the worst traits of English cooking....   The second course was stewed apple and semolina pudding, dishes which Mrs.Sedge had mastered to perfection."

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