Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Those with sensitive dispositions had better look away now.  I was struck down with a horrible horrible bladder infection yesterday.  I realised something was up just as the Memorial for Reuben finished, and had to race home - via the Post Office unfortunately, as I had a load of Butterfly memberships to send on their way.

I want to write something about Reuben, an amazing experience he had during the war. Showing what a good heart he must always have had.  But I won't be able to do it today.

The Captain organised my antibiotics for me, for which I am so grateful, as I am not able to leave the house.  And I have started on them.   He is away doing  a butterfly talk. I was able to let him practise it on me this morning, in between painful trips to the loo. And I was able to organise a salad lunch for him, in between painful trips to the loo. And I also caught up with my studies for this week, in between painful etceteras.

I have had to let Sylvia down and she had co-opted me as an emergency helper for Thursday.  I feel very bad about it, but there is no way I will be at the meeting tomorrow night.  She was lovely and understanding about it, which did help.

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