Sunday, 19 April 2015

Captain Butterfly in Full Flight

Here is Captain Butterfly on screen, in full flight, with Dan Danaher.    It is a lovely little clip, but... I hope that is not a young starlet with a butterfly net I see on the horizon, chasing after my Captain.

A warning.  I will sit on her, if necessary.

Suddenly I feel a bit better.  Thank God.  So maybe the antibiotics have done the job.  I sincerely hope so.  Jackie came for supper last night - Chinese takeaway courtesy of Waitrose, but I did do a veggie stir fry and made some extra rice.

It was a lovely evening, of course.  Although we see each other so often we never seem to run out of things to laugh about - often the dilemmas due to old age.

And sadly Jackie has just lost another old old friend...  so we needed to cheer each other up.

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