Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Miracles of Artistry and Engineering

We were working door to door in a lovely part of town yesterday. Such beautiful houses and gardens, and blossom everywhere - each flower a miracle of artistry and engineering.   We got an unwarm welcome from the local vicar when we knocked at the door of his impressive Vicarage.

The Roger rang up on Monday!   He is in town and coming over for lunch today.  It will be lovely to see him and catch up.   I have the wherewithal in for a chicken and ham salad lunch - and even found myself making garlic bread - a staple from our Expat days, when people used to call round most nights and we entertained (and were entertained) non-stop.

I couldn't cope with that level of social life nowadays. The energy has gone.  Besides I am now able to do the door to door preaching work, which takes time and energy.  It is the work Jesus left for his followers to do, and the most important work of my life.

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