Friday, 24 April 2015

Butterfly Mark, and Adders

Butterfly Mark rang this morning with an invitation to a talk about adders in Hazlemere tomorrow. At the Museum.  The Captain is going, and I would love to go with him, but we are having a special meeting at the Kingdom Hall tomorrow - a video link-up - and I will be there all afternoon.

The Roger came and went. We had a lovely day with him, catching up on the News and laughing at all the dilemmas we now find ourselves in. I sent off a message to Anne of the Cape to tell her he was en route, and she responded with an interesting spiritual question about being saved.

Can any of us say we are?

Well, according to Jesus's words, we can hope we will be, but we can't say we are.  Not yet.  At Matthew 24:13 Jesus said:  "But the one who has endured to the end will be saved."

So i can say that I so much hope to be saved, to "inherit the earth" as Jesus promised.  But I can't yet say that I have endured to the end.

And the end will either be to the end of my life - and I am getting horribly close to my sell-by date, or at Armageddon, whichever comes first.   After Armageddon, things will be so different. For one thing. those of us who are there then will no longer be dying, we will be heading back to life and perfection.  It won't be a question of endurance, but of increasing happiness.
Audrey is back in town after a long stay in hospital and I hope to walk round there and say hello this afternoon.   And how strange and wonderful to be able to "walk round there".  Walk.  

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