Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Duke of Fritillary has been seen!!

Us on Planet Butterfly are all a'flutter as a rare visitor has been spotted.  Its a .... goes off to check on the trillion emails that have been surging through my mailbox - its a rare kind of Tortoiseshell.  It will be appearing in person, under its full name, in the Captain's Log IF he manages to see and photograph it.  He has been trying for the last two days.

Jean and I finished our work today with a latte at Waitrose. And she kindly treated us to a cake, half each.  It was very nice.  We had quite an interesting morning, though I was in a bit of a funny mood. I seemed unable to work out which was our bit of the territory.  Is this the dreaded old age - or was I always like this?

I'm not sure which answer is worse.

Anyway,on the silver lining side, it is the week of the Circuit Overseer visit.  That may have been the problem this morning - we start the work early on C.O.week, and I hadn't quite managed to wake up.   He gave us a beautiful encouraging talk on Tuesday night which will appear on my blog in time, as I am typing it up for Maggie.

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