Tuesday, 3 February 2015

At Pulborough Brooks

We lunched at Pulborough Brooks with Linda on Monday.   Lasagne and salad for her, steak and kidney with mash and veggies for the Captain, and broccoli & potato cheese bake (with salad) for me. We had a walk, and then sat and watched the birdfeeders.

We saw the Woodpecker - twice.  And a raptor once, very very briefly, as it landed and took off. We think it was a Peregrine Falcon. At least the Captain thinks so. I am sure it was a bird, but am not prepared to venture any further. It was big, startling and quick, and its appearance caused the disappearance of the other feeding birds, including the flight of white doves.

We had coffee at Linda's afterwards, and met her new cat, Garfield, who sat on my lap and kneaded me in a flattering and painful manner.

This morning we were at Jackie's helping her clear out her garage.   We need a good clear out and Spring clean here - perhaps this will inspire us.  I have a load of stuff that needs to go to the Charity shops.    And this afternoon, I restocked the freezer with cakes for the Captain's lunches. Marmalade muffins this time.  

I did go out in the afternoon, and delivered the last of the magazines for January. I have never been so late.  But we couldn't get to Mike's door for all the scaffolding when we called last week.  He seemed pleased to see me and assured me he will read the articles and think about it...

Terrible terrible news today - incredible cruelty - the world's religions have a lot to answer for.  We are trying to get to every door to warn people what is going to happen next.

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