Thursday, 19 February 2015

Wolf Hall

Still loving Wolf Hall.  The hour goes so quickly.   Will now have to read the Hilary Mantel books on which it is based.  And we would love to see the compelling Mark Rylance on stage - however, what would be the chances of getting tickets now?

There was a chilling moment last night as Anne Boleyn's "fool" brutally mimicked the second miscarriage her mistress was undergoing.   A miscarriage fatal for both mother and child as, unless she bears Henry a son, she will not survive.  And of course, if Anne Boleyn survives, Mary, the child of Henry's first wife, will not.

As I am a complete wimp, with a backbone of solid custard, I did find myself thinking that it will be a bit scary when these people are resurrected during the Thousand Years.  And, of course, I hope for their sake they will be.   If I am there it will only be through "undeserved kindness" from my Creator, so I must not grudge it to anyone else.    But... scary...  only of course it won't be. And it will be so wonderful for them to wake up in an earth ruled by loving kindness, not selfish intrigue.

Jehovah doesn't want anyone to be lost, so I know if he sees something in their hearts that will respond when taught the truth, they will be in the restored earthly Paradise.

They have all ignored his command to be "no part" of the world. To be fair, they probably don't understand it.   I didn't, until I talked to the Jehovah's Witnesses.  And so we see the disasterous consequences as church and state and military combine.  We can see it now.  It is causing immense suffering as I type - but not for much longer.  Very soon, Jehovah will act.   And, according to the Book of Revelation, it is the world empire of false religion that will be destroyed first.

Once again, it is what we are trying to tell you as we go door to door.

I have had two violent arthritis flare-ups, one after the other.   They have left me exhausted, but I am so grateful to be out of that paralyzing pain. The first time it happened to me (years ago), I was carted off by ambulance as they thought I had had a stroke.  It was then I was diagnosed by a Saudi doctor. I told him it wasn't arthritis, as I had been tested but come up negative. He assured me it was, and he was right. I am very grateful to him, as I then began to get the proper treatment.

The family arthritis is, apparently, of a  kind that did not show up in the standard blood test done back them.  I think the test is different now.

Well, when the Kingdom of God is ruling over the earth, "no resident will say "I am sick"".    And I hope we are all there to find out just how wonderful that will be.

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