Friday, 6 February 2015

A Thank You to Waitrose

And no, they are not paying me for this, nor am I getting free groceries or anything.  I just went out for a quick shop yesterday after lunch - at Waitrose of course - and must say a thanks to the guy in their carpark who helps us with our trollies.  He saw I was just about to trudge off to the Post Office with Kathryn's letter, and not only took my trolley but took the letter too and posted it for me.

That was so kind.  It was freezing cold, there was a bit of ice round the edges, and I was scared of slipping. So three cheers for the staff at Waitrose!

There were snow flurries yesterday, but nothing stayed.

Col's blog - the Captain's Log - is very "nature red in tooth and claw" at the moment, as he has been at Iping Common, photographing the Butcher Bird.   Great photos - but what a horror the animal creation has to live with, because of our disobedience.  And they carry on so valiantly, in the face of everything.

When Paradise is restored, the snipe will no longer need to be called the Butcher Bird.    

I am off to Maggie's today for coffee, which is another step on the ladder of recovery, as I don't think I have driven myself round to hers for about two years.  It was she and Don who sort of adopted me when I first use to attend meetings at the congregation as a visitor from Saudi Arabia.

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