Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A Nice Cup of Iced Tea

I am off up Everest again, on my sofa, as I am reading "Dark Summit" by Nick Heil.

I came across this in the first few pages, which kind of says it all, and explains why we really should not be up there, except by sofa.

He says:   "Cholatse provided my first exposure to Himalayan climbing, and I began to understand just how formidable it can be.  On our trip, five of my team members managed to summit, but it required a strenuous twenty-four hour push from the highest camp.  One of those who made it, Abby Watkins, a professional climber from Golden, British Columbia, and as capable and fit a mountain athlete as I've ever met, told me later how someone at high camp had handed her a cup of hot tea as she'd collapsed in her tent on the way back down.  She woke up the next morning wearing her boots and parka, a full cup of tea in her hand - frozen solid."

Getting down is even more likely to kill you than going up. And she is fortunate that it was not her hand or her foot that  was frozen solid!

I made it to the field service group yesterday and Kathy and I set off from the Kingdom Hall just before 10.  We had some territory down by the station - not fond of driving there - so many parked cars you constantly have to watch for what is coming from the other direction.   We didn't cover much of our road though, as Kathy needed to do some return visits. We did a couple of her visits, and one of mine, but we only found one person at home.

We both have return visits down by the Station, as we both had a couple of interesting doorstep talks and left some literature. We hope to do them together in March.

Just that small outing tired me so much, that I did next to nothing during the rest of the day. I did my studies, finished the Book of Judges (a scary one) and, of course, got lunch and supper for the Captain and moi - veggie soup for lunch, chicken curry this evening.

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