Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Mount Butterfly

On Monday I made up the membership packages for our newly-hatched members, and they winged their way to the Post Office in the afternoon.  There are a tiresome lot of queries this time, as the new system of reporting hits the iceberg of us wanting the old system back, and... but at this point I have run out of metaphor, as we haven't sunk and are still on course.

Jacks was round last night- the usual lovely evening - lots of laughs.  I made stir fry chicken and mushrooms, which we had with rice and spring rolls.  It was followed by ice-cream, vanilla, I made up the mix, but the Captain flew the ice-cream maker.

We will all be getting together again this week for the Barbara Dixon concert.

World events...   what can I say?  beyond please please find out what Revelation is telling us is going to happen next.  We must stand clear.  I did (foolishly) venture onto facebook about it, as people on both sides are busy throwing fuel on the fire. I was just trying to say, tactfully, don't throw any more fuel, Jehovah has everything in hand. We simply need to do our best to be peaceable with everyone and keep warning them.  Help them to get to the Refuge.

I did not succeed. But I hope that I can do better when I am out with Kathy this morning.

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