Friday, 16 January 2015

A Hospital Day

Well, once again let me assure anyone who is worried about being bored in their retirement that they won't have time to be. The problem will be lack of time  - trying to fit in all the things they want to do around their medical appointments.

Physio for me in the morning - for my shoulder and back pain. Shoulder has been so bad I haven't been able to sleep some nights, and back pain so bad after an hour on the doors that I can't continue. And I used to be a great walker.

Young physio very good - lots of exercises to do - and I see her next week.  As I tottered out of the Clinic, I bumped into Ken and Jean tottering in!

Then it was an afternoon at the hospital for the Captain's scan. I am very worried now.

But we are pretty much in the death zone. As children of disobedient Adam, for the moment "death reigns as king over us". And its scary.

But a lovely lovely meeting at the Kingdom Hall last night. The perfect antidote.  We were discussing Jehovah's wisdom, as set out in his Inspired Word.  And the more we learn from it and try to act on it, the more we realise how beneficial it is, and the closer we draw to Him.

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