Saturday, 31 January 2015

A white World and a wonderful sister

The wonderful sister who helped me with my talk was so convincing on the platform on Thursday night that she made it seem rather a good one!  So it went well - and I was told I was very relaxed on the platform...

If you could see the way I used to be, you would know that Jehovah has already worked a miracle with me, although there is an awful lot of work still to do (just to save Captain Butterfly having to hack into my blog and leave a comment pointing that out).

The Captain was out early yesterday morning, getting some pictures at the Arundel Reserve which has been opening specially early this week.  I was off early too, shopping at Waitrose.  We went for a walk along the beach this afternoon and met Ken and Jean trundling along, which was nice.  We watched the second part of "Wolf Hall" last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.   It shows too the awful way in which church and state work together, and underlines the wisdom of the Christian Greek Scriptures, which tell us to be "no part" of the world - to stay out of its divisive politics and cruel wars.

Bea and I are in regular communication about the snow situation - snowing 'oop North, blue skies and sunshine down here.

However, we have woken up to a white world this morning!  Not snowing now, but is there more on the way?

It all looks wonderful. And every single snowflake is a miracle of artistry and engineering, telling of its Grand Creator, Jehovah of armies.

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